Week 2 Add/Drop – Julian Calendar Starts Now

Every week we will come up with our add/drop list where we’ll try and find players less than 50% owned that are worth a spot on most teams. Here’s this week’s list of top add/drop candidates.

Julian Edelman – if you need a receiver for the next couple weeks, Edelman has a chance to be a huge add. With Amendola and Gronkowski almost certainly out for week 2, Vereen already ruled out, Dobson still questionable, and Thompkins struggling mightily in his first game, Edelman is the obvious choice for double digit targets in week 2. His value will decrease over time as Amendola gets healthy and Gronkowski returns, but if you’re in need of some wide receiver points now then look no further.

Terrelle Pryor – if you’re not in a deep league or 2 QB league where Pryor is already owned, I would definitely add him. Indy’s defense is pretty bad so he probably won’t be as good as he was in week 1. He also seemed to lean more towards a run-first mentality vs using his arm to make plays so I think his ceiling is pretty much what you saw in week 1, but I think he’s a strong QB2 option and possible matchup play if your top QB isn’t elite.

Leonard Hankerson – a few things make Hankerson an intriguing pickup this week. First, he had a pair of TDs thrown his way last week. Second, RG3 looked far more hesitant to leave the pocket due to his injury which could mean more pass attempts aimed the way of the receivers. Lastly, Pierre Garcon’s injury history means that at any moment Hankerson could be thrust into the #1 role.

Kellen Winslow – Winslow set a goal to catch 100 receptions this year and he started the season off in good fashion going 7 for 79 with a score. I don’t see him catching 100 balls but he did appear to be Geno Smith’s favorite target and with Jeremy Kerley out with a concussion, Winslow should continue to be in line for double digit targets.

Dallas Clark – Clark was very inconsistent last year, but had some solid games down the stretch in Tampa last year. Part of his inconsistency could’ve been due to the ineptitude of Josh Freeman. Ed Dickson dropped a few balls and didn’t look very good last week either, so Clark could continue to partially fill the Dennis Pitta role. I wouldn’t start Clark just yet but he might be worth a bench stash.

Week 1 Recap – 49ers Em”Boldin” Their Offense

If you’re like me and you own Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Lamar Miller all on the same team, you’ve probably already gone through the 5 stages of grief. My Sunday looked something like this…

1. Denial – This isn’t happening, they didn’t just call back Calvin’s TD
2. Anger – $*#@ @*%&#&!!!!! YOU CALL YOURSELVES A FANTASY TEAM???
3. Bargaining – I would do ANYTHING for a TD on this drive… ANYTHING.
4. Depression – My team is terrible and I have no shot this year and we’re not even finished with week 1.
5. Acceptance – What can you do, it’s just week 1, it was a brutal loss but I must move on. Besides, can Calvin and Dez really be that terrible all year?

Anquan Boldin – Boldin was everywhere on the field yesterday. He notched his 2nd 200 yard game of his career which was 10 years ago also in week 1 of his rookie season. Boldin looks like a strong option moving forward.
Colin Kaepernick – Before yesterday, Kaepernick had never thrown a 300 yard game in the regular season and his only 300 yard game was a 302 yard effort in last year’s Super Bowl loss. He went for 412 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, and added 22 rushing yards.
Eli Manning – Eli is proof that you can suck horribly and have a huge fantasy game. Also added to this list is Matthew Stafford, Joe Flacco, and on most weeks Tony Romo.
Jared Cook – Another TE, another 100 yard game with 2 TDs. Cook made Julius Thomas’s game look normal.
Jordan Cameron – Cameron was someone I had on my list of possible breakout candidates this year and he started off the season in strong fashion, 9-108-1.
A.J. Green – Cincinnati looked really good yesterday with Green being the brightest spot on the offense. Dalton only threw for 282 yards and Green had 162 of them. That ratio can’t continue but Green will continue to produce at a high level.
Lamar Miller – Every time I saw miller’s name on the scoreboard yesterday, it was for a loss of yards. It was a brutal opening day campaign rushing for 3 yards on 10 attempts and 1 reception for 7 yards. The good news is Thomas wasn’t much better going for 14 yards on 8 attempts and 1 reception for 5 yards. The bad news is Thomas got the TD, the carries were close to 50/50, and there were absolutely no holes for any of the Miami RBs to run through.
Dez Bryant – Dez was double teamed all night and it allowed Witten and Austin to have big games. I don’t think Dez can be held down forever, but Romo showed an ability to find the open man and not force it to his #1 option.
Julian Edelman – I don’t put much stock in Edelman’s 2 TD game for a few reasons. 1. Aaron Dobson was out with a hamstring injury. 2. Edelman can never seem to stay healthy. 3. Gronkowski is coming back soon.
Shane Vereen – Ridley fumbled the ball and ended up in the doghouse. We expected Vereen to get receptions but we didn’t expect him to get more carries than Ridley. Vereen played through a small break in his wrist which will keep him out for the next few weeks so that might help Ridley stay in good standing, but Vereen could overtake Ridley if Ridley’s problems continue.
Terrelle Pryor – Indy’s defense is really bad, which is just the way to boost a young QB’s confidence to start the year. I doubt he’ll see success quite to that level, but I think Pryor is a viable QB2 with some upside.
Joique Bell – let’s pump the brakes a little bit on Bell. I love him as a Reggie Bush handcuff, but he also scored 2 TDs because Bush twice had a TD called back to the 1 foot line.
Blaine Gabbert – Gabbert has been ruled out of week 2 due to a laceration on his hand. Apparently the Jags haven’t realized he should be ruled out for the rest of the year for awfulness and should be starting Henne in his place. Either way this is good news for Cecil Shorts and MJD owners. Hopefully Henne plays to a level that forces them to start him from here on out.