Fantasy Football Projections & Stat Center Update – Create Your Own Projections

I have released a new upgrade to the stat calculator tool to allow registered users to take my projections as a starting point and modify them to their own liking and save the changes. Instructions on how to use the customizer are available on the stat calculator tool page. You must be a registered user and logged in to customize your projections and your projections are private so only you can access them.

Fantasy Football Projections & Stat Center Update – Yardage Bonuses and Percent Change

I’m pleased to announce another enhancement to the fantasy football stat calculator tool. I’ve added 300 yard passing game, 100 yard rushing game, and 100 yard receiving game yardage bonuses into the tool along with the ability to customize how many points each of those gets you in your league. I’ve also added an indicator icon of the performance for the current year compared to the previous year (or projected year compared to last year if you’re looking at projections) to show whether or not the player is up, down, or in line with his previous season performance. Hover the icon to see the actual percent variation. Enjoy!