10 Team PPR Keeper League Draft Recap – 2014 League 2

I just completed the draft for the other league I’m in. This league is also 10 team PPR superflex league that is heavily weighted towards yardage bonuses. The roster is as follows QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Q/W/R/T, K, D. The scoring is as follows 1 pt per 25 passing yards, 6 pts per passing TD, 1 pt per 10 rushing/receiving yards, 6 pts per rushing/receiving TD, 1 pt per reception, 6 pts per return TD, -2 pts per interception/fumble lost, 8 point 100 yard rushing/receiving yard bonus, 8 point 300 yard passing bonus, 10 point 200 yard rushing/receiving yard bonus. It’s a keeper league where you can keep players 2 rounds earlier than where you drafted/kept them the year before. Roster restriction maximums: 3 QB, 5 RB, 6 WR, 3 TE, 3 K, 3 D. I had the 7th pick in this draft as well.

Round (Pick) Player
1. (7) LeSean McCoy (Phi – RB)
In this league, quarterbacks are really heavily weighted because it’s so easy to pass for 300 yards in today’s NFL. Without the bonus points being a factor, QBs typically should not go this early even in a 2 QB or superflex league of only 10 teams. Brees, Manning, and Rodgers went picks 2-4 with Adrian Peterson going #1 overall, Jamaal Charles going #5, and Demaryius Thomas going #6. Using my custom rankings app, Calvin does come out ahead of Shady, but the ceiling for RBs is higher than the ceiling for WRs, so I went McCoy here.
2. (14) Brandon Marshall (Chi – WR)
I was a little nervous I wouldn’t get one of the stud receivers on the backswing, but Marshawn Lynch went at pick 12 which let Marshall and Alshon both slip to me at 14. I like the upside of Alshon, but can’t pass on Marshall who’s a stone cold lock.
3. (27) Keenan Allen (GB – WR)
I’m happy to still get Keenan Allen who I saw as the last tier 2 receiver left on the board in the 3rd round. Pickins are a little slimmer because of keepers, so no complaints starting off my team with these 3 guys.
4. (34) Matt Ryan (Atl – QB)
Technically drafting my first QB here, but really is my second rostered QB because I have Andrew Luck as a 6th round keeper. I love having 2 potential top 5-8 QBs on my team in a superflex league. As long as Julio stays healthy, I think Matt Ryan is in for a big year.
5. (47) Michael Floyd (Ari – WR)
I wanted to lock down my top 3 wides because I also have Le’Veon Bell as a 10th round keeper which means my 2 starting running backs are locked in at this point.
6. (54) Andrew Luck (Ind – QB) – Keeper
Luck is 3rd-4th round value coming in the 6th round because of the superflex.
7. (67) Jeremy Maclin (Phi – WR)
I wasn’t loving this pick, but I felt like I had my top 3 receivers already and could take a chance on Maclin’s health.
8. (74) Eric Decker (NYJ – WR)
I think Decker has value in quantity not quality. He should see plenty of looks in the Jets offense which is probably a little better than most are giving it credit for. Having 5 quality receivers locked up plays into the strategy I take later on in the draft.
9. (87) Pierre Thomas (NO – RB)
Taking Pierre Thomas again here in the same exact spot I drafted him in my other league. Same thoughts as before… in a PPR league, I think he should be going earlier than 87.
10. (94) Le’Veon Bell (Pit – RB) – Keeper
What more needs to be said here. Probable top 10 back in the 10th round as a keeper.
11. (107) Jeremy Hill (Cin – RB)
With Green-Ellis being cut, Hill is certainly in for a significant role in the offense. I’m not as high on Gio Bernard as many others as a result of Hill’s presence.
12. (114) Maurice Jones-Drew (Oak – RB)
Part of me wanted to take Devonta Freeman here, but the other part of me said there’s some upside with MJD that is being overlooked by many and being able to grab him in the 12th round is worth passing on Freeman.
13. (127) Ladarius Green (SD – TE)
I’m vocally not a fan of the roster rules in this league, but I’m not the commissioner so what can you do. Hopefully we put this to vote and get rid of the roster restrictions. Because you’re forced to either draft 2 TE, 2 K, or 2 D (assuming you draft 3QB, 5RB, 6WR), most people end up taking 2 TE which means sleeping on a TE can hurt you. It hurt me as I saw Kyle Rudolph and Zach Ertz go in the 3 picks before I took MJD in round 12. This forced me to wait another round and hope that Green’s upside pays off.
14. (134) Josh Gordon (Cle – WR)
This might seem crazy, but if he stays clean and I can manage to hold the roster spot all year, I’ll have Gordon as a 12th round keeper next year. The worst case scenario is that I end up cutting a 14th round pick which happens most of the time anyways. I think the reward is worth the risk at this point, especially after solidifying a strong top 5 receiving corps.
15. (147) Heath Miller (Pit – TE)
I need to back up the hit or miss Green with a reliable boring option, so I grabbed Miller in the 15th.
16. (154) Jake Locker (Ten – QB)
I think Locker’s actually good value in the 16th in a superflex league, but as always with Locker health is the question.
16. (167) Phil Dawson (SF – K)
All the solid defenses are gone and this league gives a lot of points for distance kicks, so I take the kicker before the defense here.
17. (174) Texans (Hou – D)
I’ll probably end up streaming defenses, but the Texans might have a decent enough defense with some early match ups that aren’t terrible which might allow me to survey the field and see if any surprise defenses end up worth waiving (a la Kansas City last year).

So that’s it. I love my team at the top 3 positions and really don’t like my team at TE or D. I’m pretty sure with my quality at the QB, RB, and WR positions that I can overcome my vulnerability and TE and D though. And as always, feel free to rip me, praise me, or leave any other comments below.

10 Team PPR Keeper League Draft Recap – 2014 League 1

I thought I’d do something new this year and share draft recaps of the leagues I am in. The first league I drafted for was a 10 team PPR superflex league where the yardage is worth double what most leagues use. The roster is as follows QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T (no kicker or defense which I love… I hate the idea of the fact that there’s already enough luck involved in fantasy football so why add even more luck with 2 positions that everyone drafts at the end or very near the end of the draft). The scoring is as follows 1 pt per 12.5 passing yards, 6 pts per passing TD, 1 pt per 5 rushing/receiving yards, 6 pts per rushing/receiving TD, 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 25 return yards, 6 pts per return TD, -2 pts per interception/fumble lost, 3 point 100 yard rushing/receiving yard bonus, 3 point 300 yard passing bonus, 5 point 200 yard rushing/receiving yard bonus, 2 point 400 yard passing yard bonus. It’s a keeper league where you can keep players 2 rounds earlier than where you drafted/kept them the year before (new rule so no keepers off the board this year). I had the 7th pick in the draft.

I know a lot of the “experts” you hear on TV, radio, or other sites prefer bigger leagues like 14 team leagues because they’re deeper, but I actually prefer 10 team leagues where the rosters are deeper because you still have to dig deep on the depth charts to find talent but you also aren’t as heavily reliant on your first 2-3 picks. I think the more guys you start on a roster, the more that luck is taken out of the equation and that the skilled players win at a higher clip. Obviously there’s still plenty of luck involved, but the more that skill can be a factor, the more I want to play with those settings. Anyways, here are the results.

Round (Pick) Player
1. (7) Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR)
Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were still on the board, but I felt like I could hold off a little on the QBs and be fine and land some elite receivers early. Since this is only a 10 team league, the superflex spot really only means 20 QBs are started every week so you don’t see the massive run on QBs like you see in the 14 team superflex leagues.
2. (14) Julio Jones (Atl – WR)
Sticking true to my thoughts after my first pick, Rodgers and Brees were off the board as were Dez and AJ Green, so I went with someone I think has a chance to be the #1 overall wide receiver at the end of the year provided he can stay healthy.
3. (27) Randall Cobb (GB – WR)
I didn’t go into this draft with a 0RB strategy in mind, but sitting at the 27th pick I still had Stafford, Luck, and Ellington on my radar but thought I could get one of them on the backswing whereas I had 0 chance of Cobb making it back to me.
4. (34) Andrew Luck (Ind – QB)
Luckily, I was correct in my assessment. Stafford and Ellington went off the board, but I was still able to grab Luck who I think is probably the #5 QB this year. I’m still without a running back, but feeling great about my team at this point.
5. (47) Cordarrelle Patterson (Min – WR)
At this point in the draft, all of the top 2 tier backs are off the board, but there are still some guys I don’t mind owning provided my WR corps is off the charts (which it is). I fill my flex spot with Patterson but have really locked myself into looking for running backs in the next few rounds.
6. (54) Shane Vereen (NE – RB)
I’m able to get Vereen on the backswing, who if healthy certainly has the chance to be very similar to what Darren Sproles was in New Orleans before last year’s implosion.
7. (67) Rashad Jennings (NYG – RB)
I didn’t love this pick because there were still some other receivers on the board that I liked more, but knowing that I was already loaded up on receivers I wanted to get a running back that I knew would be getting the lion share of the carries and Jennings fit the bill. It’s definitely not a sexy pick, but gives me 2 backs I can feel moderately confident in to at least hold their own while my receivers hopefully carry my team.
8. (74) Josh Gordon (Cle – WR)
It was time for my Gordon man-crush to come out. In a keeper league setting, I didn’t see Gordon making it back to me in the 9th round so I jumped on him here hoping that this can pay huge dividends possibly this year if he doesn’t get suspended for the whole season and perhaps in the long term as well provided he can stay clean.
9. (87) Pierre Thomas (NO – RB)
I was thrilled to see Pierre Thomas make it back to me in the 9th round and didn’t even hesitate to grab him here. In a PPR league, I think he should be going earlier than 87.
10. (94) Zach Ertz (Phi – TE)
I complete my starting roster aside from grabbing a 2nd QB for the superflex spot by grabbing Ertz in the 10th. I think this is not only a solid pick for 2014, but also could provide some solid keeper value for the future.
11. (107) Devonta Freeman (Atl – RB)
I’m unhappy that Brandin Cooks wasn’t able to fall to me here in the 11th, but it’s time to start filling out the bench with some upside running backs that might help cure my hole at the position. I have no faith in Stephen Jackson to stay healthy or be productive, so Freeman has a shot to get the bulk of the touches in Atlanta. I don’t like their o-line, but the chance for bulk is worth the gamble.
12. (114) Jeremy Hill (Cin – RB)
I’m aggravated that Justin Hunter comes off the board one pick before me, but still need to focus on my backfield anyways and while Hill hasn’t had any first team touches in preseason, he has looked really good when he has gotten the ball. I’m not worried about the shoulder, so give me another young upside back here.
13. (127) Jordan Matthews (Phi – WR)
If/when Maclin gets hurt, Matthews could have a major role in the Eagles’ offense. I like the prospect of Matthews and Ertz possibly being the top receiving options in Philadelphia if Maclin goes down for any prolonged period of time.
14. (134) Ryan Tannehill (Mia – QB)
Roethlisberger came off the board in round 8, Dalton and Palmer in round 9 and then no QBs went from round 9 until round 14 aside from Eli Manning (I have no idea why). After failing to land Roethlisberger or Dalton, I was pretty set on waiting and just grabbing a low end QB2 like Tannehill who I could rely on to be steady enough. He makes up for some of what he lacks with his arm by getting some points with his legs so I’m not all that upset having to settle for Tannehill here. With our scoring system, Tannehill was actually the #14 QB last year; I don’t expect him to be #14 this year because Rodgers, RG3, Foles, and Cutler were all below him last year simply because of games played.
15. (147) Kenny Britt (StL – WR)
I really saw nobody that I was thrilled with at this point in the draft, so I figured I’d take a shot hoping that the news coming out of St. Louis that Austin is still struggling, Givens is falling like a stone on the depth chart, and that Britt is looking pretty good is accurate.
16. (154) Marqise Lee (Jax – WR)
The Jags offense doesn’t excite me at all, but maybe Lee offers some keeper potential.
17. (167) Teddy Bridgewater (Min – QB)
My pick of Bridgewater here was all about maybe hitting on a QB I could keep for a few years. I think Bridgewater is currently looking better than Manziel and Bortles, so why not roll the dice.

So that’s it. I’m quite happy with the team I was able to put together. I think as long as my running backs are able to stay somewhat consistent, I should be easily making the playoffs and definitely one of the top 2 teams. Feel free to rip me, praise me, or leave any other comments below.