Gronkowski’s Back and He’s Gonna Be In Trouble

So the injury train just keeps on rollin’ for Rob Gronkowski. It looks like he’ll be going under the knife again, this time for surgery on his back. The reports are vague, as always with the Patriots, but it looks like he will miss part of training camp for sure and it wouldn’t surprise me if they kept him out for all of training camp and even into the regular season. The Patriots are still easily a playoff contender without Gronk, so why rush him back (pun intended) when the time of year where they really need him is at the end? He has been a non-factor as a result of injuries in the Patriots last 2 playoff losses so why would they feel the need to have him ready for week 1 when it’s week 18 and on that they’re interested in?

As everyone should be, I’m bullish on Gronk when he’s playing, the question really is how much will he play? And if the Patriots do keep him out early, it means he should still be there for the second half of your fantasy season and into the playoffs. I wouldn’t avoid Gronkowski, but I’d definitely knock his draft day stock down a round or 2.

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