2013 Top 60 RB Rankings

Updated 8/30/2013

The Aaron Hernandez whirlwind caused me to divert attention from completing my positional rankings posts, but I’ve gotten back on the horse and am bringing you my list of the top 60 running backs for 2013. These ranks will be a general ranking but not taking into consideration PPR vs non-PPR because rules can be so customized that even distinguishing player rankings based on PPR and non-PPR is not distinct enough. The stat calculator tool will allow you to input your league’s rules in order to get my projections customized to your needs.

    Tier 1 – only an injury can stop AP

  1. MIN Adrian Peterson 1700-12 38-250-1
  2. AP was beyond a beast last year. It’s hard to ever repeat a season like that but 12 TDs in 3 straight seasons makes projecting him for 12 again a pretty easy bet. I project a yardage regression but not enough to remove him from the #1 spot.

    Tier 2 – chance to be as good as tier 1 but some risk factors

  3. TB Doug Martin 1400-9 55-475-1
  4. It’s hard to expect Martin to fully repeat his 2012 season because his stat line was largely skewed by a single historic game. However, adjusting for that and taking into consideration that his usage became more consistent from games 6-16 (he only had less than 3 receptions once during that stretch as opposed to 4 out of his first 5 games and his carries dipped less than 16 only once as opposed to twice in his first 5) still makes him an elite fantasy option. These indicators make a repeat more likely than one might expect.

  5. BAL Ray Rice 1200-8 70-600-1
  6. He is at risk of losing some touches to Bernard Pierce but he’s by far the best weapon in the Baltimore offense and will continue to be their go to guy.

  7. BUF C.J. Spiller 1400-8 45-400-2
  8. Spiller has the chance to be the best RB in the league if he could avoid Jackson stealing touches. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee him having that fortune but even with slightly limited touches he’s a monster.

  9. KC Jamaal Charles 1400-7 50-400-2
  10. Charles is another RB who deserves more touches and has the capability of being a top 3 back, similar to Spiller. He should get more receptions this year due to Andy Reid’s west coast system, but the team isn’t good enough to expect any sort of major hike in TDs.

  11. SEA Marshawn Lynch 1400-11 25-200-1
  12. Lynch seems like a lock to repeat his success from the past 2 seasons. Slight knock in PPR league vs other top tier backs but not enough to knock him out of my second tier grouping.

    Tier 3 – grab one of these in the second round

  13. PHI LeSean McCoy 1100-7 65-450-3
  14. Bryce Brown burst onto the scene in place of McCoy when he was injured to the tune of 347 yards and 4 TDs in 2 games although with 3 fumbles lost as well. Brown’s lack of hands helps McCoy maintain his feature back status and he should be on the bubble of RB1/RB2 status, but there is risk if he stumbles that Brown could eat into his workload. And as always, his value is higher in PPR leagues and injury is a risk.

  15. CLE Trent Richardson 1100-10 45-350-1
  16. Richardson has a chance to increase his workload this year and if he can improve on his 3.6 y/c average like he should, he should be an excellent RB2 or back end RB1 option.

  17. HOU Arian Foster 1150-10 35-250-1
  18. Foster still hasn’t practiced and the chances continue to increase that he won’t play at all in preseason. That worries me that he won’t be in game shape for week 1 which could mean he could miss some time to start the season or it could increase his likelihood of an injury.

  19. WAS Alfred Morris 1450-10 12-100-0
  20. Morris hardly catches the ball so he hast to make up virtually all his points on the ground which he was able to do last year. RG3 steals some of his touches away which knocks Morris into this next tier.

  21. JAC Maurice Jones-Drew 1300-7 40-325-2
  22. Jones-Drew looks to rebound from his injury shortened season last year. Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts emerged as viable receiving threats which could help open up Jags offense a little. I think he’ll continue to see a heavy workload and will produce based on sheer volume alone and may have some help with an improved, albeit still bad, offense.

  23. NE Stevan Ridley 1400-12 8-50-0
  24. The Pats are going to need Ridley to at least perform up to the standards he set last year and perhaps improve upon them given the loss of Welker and Hernandez along with Gronkowski’s injury. Just like Alfred Morris, he hardly catches the ball and produces all his points for you on the ground which makes me hesitant to draft a RB like that as my #1 option but both Morris and Ridley have the ability to put up 1400+ yard seasons on the ground with double digit TDs.

    Tier 4 – consistent performers but with injury or loss of touches risk

  25. CHI Matt Forte 1100-5 50-400-1
  26. He’s pretty much a lock to miss a game and a lock to drop 1500 all purpose yards. The TDs are what knock Forte into this new tier.

  27. TEN Chris Johnson 1200-7 45-350-0
  28. Johnson has the ability to outperform my projection for him but the addition of Shonn Greene means he is likely to lose touches and take a hit to his value.

  29. NYG David Wilson 1100-8 15-100-0
  30. David Wilson landed himself in the dog house after losing a fumble in his first game last year but showed his value down the stretch last year. He never caught the ball much so he takes a little bit of a hit in PPR leagues, but if he can hold on to the ball and stay on Coughlin’s good side he has some major upside. Andre Brown’s broken leg elevates Wilson’s value a little more and lands him in this 4th tier.

  31. SF Frank Gore 1100-7 25-175-1
  32. Gore is at the age where RBs start to fade. He’s still the feature back in SF but a slight regression is likely.

    Tier 5 – these better be your RB2

  33. SD Ryan Mathews 1000-6 40-300-0
  34. Mathews is hard to peg. Bust as a rookie, steal in most leagues in his second season, bust last year… that means he’ll be a steal again this year, right? He has value due to the fact that he is SD’s feature back, but there’s also about 0% chance he starts all 16 games. The up and down play and injury bug knock him down to tier 5.

  35. ATL Steven Jackson 1000-7 25-200-1
  36. A lot of “experts” seem to be high on Jackson this year, but in reality, he finds himself at the age where RB production begins to drop off. Jackson is 30 going on 45 with the number of carries he’s had to this point in his career. He also has a quality 3rd down back along side him in Jacquizz Rodgers who will undoubtedly take receptions away from him and reduce his PPR value. He should see more red zone touches in ATL than he did in STL and therefore should still be able to produce as a lower end RB2, but there’s very little upside here.

  37. DET Reggie Bush 800-5 50-375-2
  38. Reggie will catch more in Detroit and I might be in the minority here, but I think Detroit has too many weapons for him to be as valuable as people are expecting him to be.

  39. GB Eddie Lacy 1000-8 20-150-0
  40. The Packers hope they’ve finally found a RB who can produce and stay healthy. They haven’t had either since 2009 when Ryan Grant rushed for over 1200 yards. Eddie Lacy has a chance to be that guy provided he can avoid the Green Bay RB injury bug. He’s an upside pick with the inherent risk that comes with any rookie.

  41. OAK Darren McFadden 800-5 40-300-1
  42. When McFadden starts, he receives a hefty dose of touches but as always with McFadden the question is health. He can no longer be considered more than a back end RB2 or strong flex option.

    Tier 6 – solid flex plays

  43. CIN BenJarvus Green-Ellis 900-8 15-100-0
  44. The Law Firm has serious risk surrounding him this year. Giovani Bernard will be on his heels to steal touches so if Green-Ellis doesn’t produce results early, he could definitely see himself losing more and more carries to Bernard. His ability to never fumble and never almost never take negative yardage plays should help mitigate some risk but I wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on him as a week to week starter.

  45. DEN Montee Ball 850-7 15-100-0
  46. See my post on Motee Ball here.

  47. IND Ahmad Bradshaw 800-6 30-240-1
  48. Bradshaw will have to fend off Vick Ballard so I see him as more of a flex option than a starting RB.

  49. MIA Lamar Miller 900-6 30-225-0
  50. Miller looks like the frontrunner for carries in Miami and has the potential to be a 1000 yard rusher if Miami’s offense can improve.

  51. ARI Rashard Mendenhall 800-7 20-150-1
  52. Mendenhall finally returned to health towards the end of last year but has never produced a great y/c average aside from the 4.6 he put up in 2009. I don’t expect him to turn any heads this year either.

  53. DAL DeMarco Murray 750-5 35-250-0
  54. Murray has more upside than some of the others in this tier but his consistently injured state leaves the risk a much more likely option than the reward. From this tier, he and Montee Ball have the best chance of being more than just a flex play but the only way he can do that is if he can stay healthy.

  55. DET Mikel Leshoure 700-9 30-250-0
  56. Leshoure lived in the endzone last year and will have to continue to rack up the TDs to maintain his value.

  57. NO Darren Sproles 300-1 80-700-7
  58. Technically Sproles is a RB, of course he gets almost all his points from receptions. His value is even higher in PPR leagues where he’s actually an RB2 option. The stat calculator tool will take this into consideration for you.

    Tier 7 – mixed bag of consistency and upside here

  59. CIN Giovani Bernard 400-3 60-500-4
  60. There’s some major upside here if he can overtake Green-Ellis. The problem with being able to overtake the starting job is that Benny is so consistent and never hurt that he’ll really have to force the team’s hand into making him the starter by wowing with his production.

  61. NE Shane Vereen 400-3 60-450-3
  62. With all the question marks surrounding the Patriots receiving corps, a bigger focus on the run is likely. I expect Vereen will reap most of the rewards because Ridley’s projection already includes a full workload and Leon Washington is nothing more than a 3rd down or change of pace back.

  63. STL Daryl Richardson 750-3 35-250-1
  64. With SJax gone, Richardson looks to be the first in line for the most touches. Given his size, he might not be able to handle a full load of carries so it’d be hard to bank on him for consistent value.

  65. SD Danny Woodhead 300-2 60-500-4
  66. The Chargers roster is shaping up to be one that will require a strong short passing game which will favor Woodhead. He could be a steal in PPR leagues.

  67. NYJ Chris Ivory 750-5 8-60-0
  68. Ivory will be taking over Shonn Greene’s job of starting RB in a terrible offense. Ivory has had some success when starting due to injuries to RBs in New Orleans but I wouldn’t expect too much here. His 5.1 career y/c is nice but likely inflated due to the Saints prolific passing attack helping to open lanes; he won’t have that luxury in New York. His inability to stay healthy will keep him from being a 1000 yard rusher.

  69. NO Pierre Thomas 500-2 40-350-1
  70. Thomas is consistently yawnstipating. He has no real chance of providing much value unless Sproles gets hurt.

  71. PIT Le’Veon Bell 600-5 15-100-0
  72. Pittsburgh let Mendenhall go and drafted Bell to be their starting RB. He is a typical Pittsburgh bruiser RB and he is already out of his walking boot which indicates his injury might not be as bad as initially thought. My projection for him might not be as high as some of the RBs below him, but the value with Bell is that if he comes back and stays healthy he could provide RB2 value down the stretch run of the season.

  73. IND Vick Ballard 700-3 15-100-0
  74. He was a surprising consistent contributor for the Colts last year, but Indy’s acquisition of Bradshaw makes him the #2 option.

  75. BUF Fred Jackson 500-3 30-250-1
  76. Buffalo will most likely go with a 2:1 split in favor of Spiller, but has been hurt in 2 straight seasons since turning 30. He’s now 32 and while he doesn’t have the typical number of carries under his belt as most 32 year olds, age is still a factor and Spiller’s greatness will leave FJax with even less value than he provided down the stretch last year unless Spiller gets hurt. He’s still a valuable handcuff though.

    Tier 8 – only start in case of injury

  77. CAR Jonathan Stewart 500-4 30-250-1
  78. Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert take most of the rushing TDs in Carolina , so I am not bullish on either Panther RB.

  79. TEN Shonn Greene 600-3 15-120-0
  80. No longer the #1 option since sighing with Tennessee, his only real value will come if CJ gets hurt.

  81. ATL Jacquizz Rodgers 300-1 50-400-1
  82. Rodgers is like Darren Sproles lite. He has more value in PPR leagues but since SJax also has pretty good hands for a RB, I don’t like his chances of breaking out.

  83. MIA Daniel Thomas 500-3 30-225-1
  84. Miami doesn’t have a feature back option and while Thomas might play second fiddle to Lamar Miller it probably will be a 60:40 split.

  85. BAL Bernard Pierce 700-3 10-50-0
  86. He’s a very strong runner and could probably be a top 20 RB if he were on another team in more need of a RB, but being behind Rice certainly hinders his value greatly.

  87. NYG Andre Brown 500-6 10-75-0
  88. He looks like the clear #2 option in New York, but he likely isn’t much more than a Wilson handcuff.

  89. NO Mark Ingram 600-5 8-30-0
  90. The New Orleans RB situation is a pretty obvious one. Sproles almost always catches, Ingram almost always carries, Pierre Thomas is a grab bag. Ingram has very little value and almost no upside.

  91. CAR DeAngelo Williams 500-4 15-125-1
  92. See my note above on Jonathan Stewart.

  93. GB Johnathan Franklin 500-3 15-100-0
  94. Green Bay’s other rookie RB has a chance to produce if Lacy gets hurt or fails to produce.

  95. OAK Rashad Jennings 450-2 20-150-0
  96. Oakland backup RBs always have a chance to produce for a few games whenever the inevitable McFadden injury occurs.

  97. DEN Knowshon Moreno 400-3 20-150-0
  98. See my post on Motee Ball here for my take on Moreno.

  99. DEN Ronnie Hillman 400-2 20-150-0
  100. See my post on Motee Ball here for my take on Hillman.

  101. CAR Mike Tolbert 200-8 30-250-0
  102. Tolbert gets touchdowns but not a whole lot else.

    Tier 9 – same as tier 8 but even worse

  103. NYJ Bilal Powell 500-4 25-150-0
  104. My original post about Powell was, “The Jets #3 option could definitely leapfrog Goodson, but I don’t really feel strong about any of their options.” I think he has already leapfrogged Goodson and Ivory’s health issues continue to be a concern so Powell should see his fair share of touches.

  105. DET Joique Bell 250-1 40-325-1
  106. Joique Bell is like Jacquizz Rodgers lite, which I guess makes him like Darren Sproles lite squared. At this point you’re drafting hoping for an injury or for deep PPR league purposes.

  107. DAL Joseph Randle 400-3 20-150-0
  108. Randle probably has the greatest chance of the man in front of him getting injured.

  109. SEA Christine Michael 500-3 8-50-0
  110. Michael never caught the ball much in college, so his value in PPR leagues is likely limited to needing a Marshawn Lynch injury to provide value, but in standard leagues he has shown so far in camp and preseason that he has a ton of talent. Seattle probably has the best all-around rushing attack in the league.

  111. PHI Bryce Brown 450-2 15-75-0
  112. Unless McCoy gets hurt again, we won’t see Brown breaking out like he did for 2 games last year.

  113. CHI Michael Bush 450-5 10-75-0
  114. Forte is usually good for missing a game or 2 but not much more.

  115. ARI Stepfan Taylor 400-3 20-150-0
  116. Taylor was a guy who could run and catch at Stanford and should be a solid backup option to Mendenhall. Ryan Williams is in jeopardy of not even making the team and Taylor could be the beneficiary.

  117. PIT Jonathan Dwyer 400-2 15-100-0
  118. Pittsburgh is relying on a rookie to be their #1 option so Dwyer could find himself some touches.

  119. OAK Marcel Reece 200-0 30-300-2
  120. Reece was better than McFadden in his few starts last year when McFadden was injured. He produced most of his points on receptions, but Oakland brought in Rashad Jennings so his chances are further diminished.

2013 Top 40 QB Rankings

Updated 8/20/2013

Here are my rankings for the top 40 QBs in 2013. I’ve included some backup QBs that are likely to get some playing time due to QB controversy or injury proneness with their starting QBs. After I finish going through my projections for each position, they will then be included in the stat calculator tool so they can be seen along side the data driven projections. Additionally, a feature will be added to allow you to combine my projections and the data driven projections giving each one a certain weight so you can tweak to your liking. Different league rules can actually cause rankings to be slightly different from league to league; you’ll be able to compare my projections with your specific league rules and come up with your league specific ranking after I add them to the stat calculator tool.

    Tier 1 – stone cold locks

  1. NO Drew Brees 5200-42-16 20-1
  2. Brees has thrown for over 5000 yards and 40 touchdowns in back to back seasons. No reason he can’t continue that trend. Brees and Rodgers are really 1a and 1b to me and you can make a case for either one being ahead of the other; I’ll give the incredibly slight edge to Brees since he has no other option but to throw constantly because their defense is terrible, whereas Rodgers will have more opportunities to kill the clock with leads.

  3. GB Aaron Rodgers 4400-40-7 260-2
    Rodgers continues to be a scoring machine. He’s like Tom Brady with the ability to run… massive touchdowns and little turnovers. See my note in the Brees ranking comparing Brees to Rodgers.

  4. CAR Cam Newton 3900-20-12 700-9
  5. Cam was looking like he could’ve been an early round bust last year but he stepped up his game big time down the stretch and almost repeated his rookie year sensation.

    Tier 1.5 – it’s Matt Ryan alone, he’s a slight step below tier 1 but has none of the risk of the tier 2 QBs

  6. ATL Matt Ryan 4600-32-13 130-1
  7. Once Matty Ryan had the receivers, he finally delivered on his fantasy potential. Another repeat of last year looks likely.

    Tier 2 – not far behind tier 1, but some risk with these players

  8. DEN Peyton Manning 4600-35-12 0-0
  9. He might be the oldest QB on this list but he’s still a beast and had Wes Welker added to his list of weapons which already included Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. Denver’s passing attack slowed a bit down the stretch as Denver’s defense stepped up last year but Peyton should continue to produce at a consistent clip week in and week out. The reason I put Matt Ryan in a half tier instead of in this tier is the absence of risk. Peyton might seem like a no-risk pick, but if Denver’s defense is strong you’re severely limited in the amount of garbage time stats he’ll rack up. Denver showed last year that they prefer to burn clock than run up the score like the Patriots.

  10. NE Tom Brady 4200-32-8 50-3
  11. Brady is Brady, but I have to knock him down some given the loss of Hernandez and the likelihood of Gronk starting the year on the PUP list. If Brady can really click with some of the rookies he has a chance to be a bit of a steal this year, but I think the Patriots rely more heavily on the run and short passing game this year.

  12. SF Colin Kaepernick 3800-22-10 650-7
  13. Kaepernick burst onto the scene last year starting the final 7 games and leading San Fran all the way to the Super Bowl where they lost by 3 to Baltimore. If you didn’t love what you saw from this kid then you need your eyes checked.

  14. WAS Robert Griffin III 3700-24-8 600-6
  15. Griffin managed to play 15 games last year which is surprising given the way he plays. There is certainly risk of injury here but the upside outweighs the risk, just don’t reach too early, he’s not a tier 1 player. Kaepernick and Griffin are 7a and 7b to me, flip a coin or take Kaepernick due to a lower risk of injury.

    Tier 3 – solid points can be found here possibly later in the draft

  16. IND Andrew Luck 4500-28-15 250-3
  17. I look for luck to improve upon his successful rookie campaign. He turned what I believed wasn’t an excellent receiving corps into one last year. There’s no doubt in my mind that this kid is the real deal. My projection for him would actually have him outscoring Peyton Manning in most formats, but there’s inherent risk with a QB this young which is why he’s heading up the 3rd tier.

  18. DET Matthew Stafford 5000-28-16 100-2
  19. Stafford can’t possibly be any worse this year than he was last year, can he? He’ll probably attempt another 700 or so passes which forces him into the top 10 out of sheer volume alone.

  20. DAL Tony Romo 4700-28-18 50-1
  21. Romo was the beneficiary of Dez Bryant finally living up to his expectations. Romo will continue to make bad turnovers when it counts but do you really care about that for fantasy? He throws a critical pick 6 and gets right back on the field to rack on another 75 yards and a TD in garbage time. Yes please!

  22. NYG Eli Manning 4200-30-14 20-0
  23. Eli took a big step back last year as did all of the Giants receivers. I think he’ll rebound this year but not to his 2011 level.

  24. SEA Russell Wilson 3300-26-10 400-4
  25. WILSOOOOON! Another QB who had a great rookie year. He produces with both his arm and his legs. We’re outside the top 10 here so in 10 team 1 QB leagues he might be on the bubble of being a starter but he would be a great handcuff to any of the guys in the bottom half of my top 10. The loss of Harvin hurts his upside some, but he didn’t have Harvin last year.

    Tier 4 – this tier includes nobody I would feel comfortable as my #1 QB but are solid backups or good 2nd QBs in 2 QB leagues

  26. STL Sam Bradford 4000-25-12 100-1
  27. St. Louis certainly tried to improve their offense for Bradford by drafting Tavon Austin 8th overall. It should translate into some improvement but don’t expect anything too crazy.

  28. CIN Andy Dalton 3900-27-13 150-2
  29. Consistent performer but Tyler Eifert doesn’t really raise him up the ranks.

  30. TB Josh Freeman 3900-26-13 150-1
  31. Vincent Jackson surely helped him get out of the rut he was in for the 2011 season so I expect much of the same this year.

  32. HOU Matt Schaub 4200-24-10 0-0
  33. He has shaken off most of the injury risk flags surrounding him but unfortunately Arian Foster has stolen the show in Houston, so 2009 is a distant memory. DeAndre Hopkins improves his value slightly compared to last year.

  34. SD Philip Rivers 3900-26-14 20-0
  35. Rivers was a major disappointment last year. After throwing for over 4600 yards in back to back seasons he only threw for 3600 last year. I had been expecting a bit of a bounce-back season, but the loss of Alexander to an ACL injury hurts his stock.

  36. ARI Carson Palmer 4000-24-15 30-1
  37. Palmer has Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and Andre Roberts, but lack a solid TE and solid RBs to catch the check downs. Despite the improved receivers in Arizona over Oakland, they lack a TE like Brandon Myers or RBs like Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece that can make plays with the catch so his upside is limited.

    Tier 5 – upside with risk

  38. TEN Jake Locker 3500-20-19 400-2
  39. Health continues to be a concern for Locker. He has some upside because he has the ability to rack up points with his legs in addition to his arm.

  40. OAK Matt Flynn 3600-24-13 0-0
  41. Aaron Rodgers’ backup finally gets the starting job he deserves. He can likely put up similar numbers as Carson Palmer did in Oakland last year.

  42. PHI Michael Vick 2800-18-10 400-2
  43. Another player with injury risk and a promising backup behind him in the depth chart. Only draft for the upside of getting a few great games out of him and don’t expect 16 starts.

    Tier 6 – these guys are your #3 QBs and aren’t going to win you any leagues

  44. CLE Brandon Weeden 4000-23-16 100-0
  45. He got better last year and looks good in preseason so far.

  46. BAL Joe Flacco 3600-22-10 50-2
  47. He got the big contract but that doesn’t mean you should pay him much attention in fantasy leagues.

  48. PIT Ben Roethlisberger 3500-24-10 100-0
  49. Always hurt but plays through most injuries. He has been consistent but there are a lot of better options these days.

  50. CHI Jay Cutler 3300-21-14 200-1
  51. Just because Brandon Marshall is a beast, doesn’t mean Cutler is.

    Tier 7 – umm, these guys are starters…

  52. MIN Christian Ponder 3100-18-11 250-2
  53. He lost Percy Harvin and gained Cordarrelle Patterson. That’s a loss in my book.

  54. KC Alex Smith 2900-20-6 150-0
  55. He has his starting job back! Except it’s in KC which is a miserable offense. He won’t turn the ball over but he won’t excite you either.

  56. BUF EJ Manuel 3000-19-16 400-3
  57. See my EJ Manuel post here. I’m convinced that he’s the opening day starter assuming his knee is fine, so I’ve bumped up his projection.

  58. MIA Ryan Tannehill 3400-15-12 200-2
  59. Miami’s offense took a hit with the loss of Marshall and I don’t see this changing.

    Tier 8 – QB controversy

  60. JAC Chad Henne 1800-11-9 50-0
  61. He will take over after the Jags realize Gabbert is terrible.

  62. JAC Blaine Gabbert 1800-9-9 50-0
  63. Gabbert is terrible.

  64. NYJ Geno Smith 1600-10-9 50-0
  65. He will take over as the starter once the Jets realize Sanchez is terrible.

  66. NYJ Mark Sanchez 1500-8-9 50-0
  67. Sanchez is terrible.

    Tier 9 – injury prone starters’ backups

  68. PHI Nick Foles 1000-5-5 25-0
  69. He’s backs up the very injury prone Michael Vick. He didn’t seize the opportunity with Vick’s injury last year the way Kaepernick did with Smith’s injury.

  70. TEN Ryan Fitzpatrick 500-3-2 30-0
  71. He backs up the injury prone Jake Locker.

  72. BUF Kevin Kolb 300-2-2 20-0
  73. Kolb might play a game or 2 if Manuel is hurt to start the year.

  74. CHI Josh McCown 400-2-2 30-0
  75. He backs up the injury prone Jay Cutler.

  76. WAS Kirk Cousins 250-1-1 0-0
  77. He backs up the slightly injury prone RG3.

  78. HOU T.J. Yates 150-1-1 0-0
  79. He backs up the slightly injury prone Matt Schaub.